Can Organizing Your Refrigerator Help You Lose Weight?

Does your refrigerator help you to lose weight or does it sabotage your best efforts to eat a healthy diet?  In many cases, the state of your fridge can make or break your weight loss plan. There are several different ways to organize your home to make weight loss easier.But if you just have a few minutes, I suggest that you organize your refrigerator for faster weight loss. A complete fridge makeover is easy to do and you just need a few supplies to get started.

  • Paper towels or cleaning rags
  • Cleaning solution (I used window cleaner but you can use any household cleaner. Plain hot water works well too!)
  • Sturdy trash can
  • Container for recyclables.

Optional supplies include stackable, single-serving resealable containers (brands like Glad and Ziploc work well) refillable water bottles, homemade 100-calorie snack packs or other healthy refrigerator foods. Don’t worry if you don’t have these items when you begin, you’ll shop for them after you clean and organize your refrigerator to lose weight.

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