The 5 Worst Fast Food Menu Items for Your Diet

Eating at these chains is a known danger, but some foods are worse than others — and worse than expected.

Nobody eats fast food because it’s good for them.

Yes, McDonald’s, Burger King, the various Yum! Brands offerings (KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut), and even the pizza chains have added come healthier choices, but all offer mostly calorie-laden items. Even though the KFC Double Down, which featured fried chicken as the “bun,” and Burger King’s Enormous Omelet Sandwich, which had a sausage patty, two eggs, two slices of American cheese, and three strips of bacon, have been retired, fast-food menus are still full of items sure to wreck your diet.

It’s hard to pick which are the actual worst fast-food menu items for your diet as there are so many that offer a days worth of fat and sodium in a single item. To make this list, we focused on products that aren’t just calorie-heavy, but are either shockingly so, or deceptively so — items that seem like they wouldn’t be that bad for you, but most certainly are.

You can make a lot of belt-stretching choices when you eat fast food, but these are some of the worst selections regularly available.

1. Domino’s Chicken Carbonara Pasta Bread Bowl
Pasta is basically bread, so offering it served in a bread bowl seems redundant. It’s essentially like offering fried calamari served on a plate of fried chicken. That sounds delicious, but it’s easy to see the inherent dangers of eating such a concoction.

Domino’s offers a few variants on pasta in a bread bowl, but the worst offender is the Chicken Carbonara variety, which is impressive because another version features Alfredo sauce, which is known for being calorie rich. The Alfredo selection, however, only comes in at 1,400 calories, while the Carbonara has 1,480, with even more of them (510 versus 460) coming from fat.

Perhaps the most egregious thing about this gut-busting meal is that even though it’s served in its own serving dish — the titular bread bowl — the company describes it as two servings.

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