5 Ways to Eat More and Lose Weight at the Same Time

As a dietitian, I often have clients who are so strict with their diet that they wind up mowing down the foods they’ve tried so hard to avoid—and ultimately no progress toward their weight-loss goals. I always tell those people that when you’re trying to lose weight, your focus shouldn’t be on cutting out food groups or your favorite treats; it should be about eating more of the stuff your body needs—like nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods—and munching on the indulgent stuff you need to have to stay sane in moderation (you know, when it’s chocolate o’clock).  Those two strategies make it possible to feel satisfied and lose weight. Here, five genius ways to actually eat more food while slimming down.

Load Up on Fiber

Fiber and weight loss have been partners in crime since forever. Studies have shown high-fiber foods usually require more chewing, which allows more time for your brain to realize that your belly is getting full. Fiber also helps your body digest food and absorb sugar more slowly, and that helps you feel satiated. Research also shows that people who have a high-fiber diet usually weigh less, which makes sense because those foods are generally low-calorie and unprocessed. So ramp up your fiber intake by adding a piece of fruit to your breakfast, one cup of sliced veggies to your sandwich or soup at lunch, and two veggies to your dinner (like a mixed green salad and roasted asparagus).

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