Looking For Longevity? Take it Slow

My wife sent me one of her finds from the web about the five exercises a person should not do. It was interesting reading and had me wondering why I am still able to walk and get around since I did all the exercise exactly opposite of what was recommended.

The first no-no was everybody’s favorite from high school physical education classes, the “Burpee. Evidently this exercise is bad for the knees. I look back at doing ‘duck walks’ around a football field as a favorite torture from my coach. Then the Army Fitness test had me doing ‘Squat Jumps’ to get the legs in shape. And in Little League Baseball I thought the teammates that were at the position of catcher must have knee replacement by now. And the same is true for women who played catcher on their softball team. 

The second worst exercise on the list was “No Excessive Cardio”. Instead of all that aerobic exercise a person needs to add a weight training program two or three times a week. That leaves a maximum of only four days for cardio exercises. I look back at my running days with all the friends that ran almost every day and wonder how they are doing health wise. I imagine some of them are using walkers and wheel chairs now from all that aerobic exercise.

Excerpted from the San Marcos Daily Record

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