Is Intermittent Fasting a Weight Loss Cure?

The word ‘fact’ has been more than a little abused in recent history, but for those who respect the power of the fact, their consistency and dependability can be a balm, a warm hug of stiff impenetrability, a wall against those who would attack you. Or, they can sit on your chest like a gorilla.

These weight loss facts are the latter. Terribly sorry to have to do this to you, gentle readers, but we better just rip the Band-Aid off. If it helps, these come directly from Jeffrey Gagnon, associate professor and chair of the Biology Department at Laurentian University, whose field of study is medical endocrinology (during an interview that was followed directly by the interviewer taking a very long, very brisk walk).

That is to say that successful weight-loss mechanisms, diets really, are measured not by the amount of weight a person loses, but by how long they lose it for. If you are able to maintain that weight loss, it is sustainable for you, then that is a successful diet. What Gagnon’s quote reveals is that if you are 200 pounds and you lose 20 per cent (or 40 pounds) you are now 160 pounds. If, in five years, you weigh 190 pounds (ten pounds from your old weight, but still five per cent below) you are considered a great weight loss success story.

Excerpted from Sudbury

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