What Do You Need for a Basic Home Gym?

I love the gym and never thought a time would come when I’d need to… (gasp!) work out at home. The problem is there’s only so much you can do without equipment. Burpees, pushups, air squats, and situps get old—fast. You really do need to invest a bit if you want to do a hard, full-body strength workout. But stuffing a squat rack, an exercise bench, and a complete set of free weights into your home is expensive—both in money and space. Thankfully, you don’t need all that.

Consider your goals and living situation

Before jumping onto Amazon, step back and think about what you’re trying to achieve—whether that’s staying healthy, training for a sport, or getting stronger—and if you need any workout equipment at all.

If your goal is general health and well-being, it’s hard to beat a nice stroll.Many writers and scientists have made the case that a regular brisk walkis sufficient for the vast majority of people (even if you don’t reach 10,000 steps per day).

Excerpted from Popular Science

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