Should You Start Tracking Your Food?

The coronavirus pandemic has made eating more complicated. Grocery availability is spotty, delivery apps are pushing hard to get people to order takeout, and few (legal) things provide the same kind of blissful instant gratification as a Hot Pocket. Those same factors, however, make this a great opportunity to start tracking what you eat. That’s because you’re almost certainly cooking more at home, making it easier to know exactly what you’re consuming.

Even if you bristle at the thought of weighing and measuring food—especially when your current self-care routine involves wearing the same pair of gym shorts for 23 days running—small steps toward increasing your understanding of current eating habits can make grocery shopping more manageable and food prep less of a chore. Even if you’re relatively lazy about tracking, it can still have an overall positive effect on your health.

Here are some easy tips to get started.

Get a scale and some measuring cups (when available)

Excerpted from Popular Science

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