Want to Lose Weight Without Getting Hungry?

Try adding a splash of hot sauce to your lunch. Researchers at Quebec’s Laval University say that the best weight-loss diet for your body may mean filling your plate with foods shown to be highly satiating, such as spicy peppers, water-packed fruits and vegetables, fiber-filled whole grains, proteins such as eggs and yogurt, and healthy sources of fat.

At a glance, these foods seem like your average — if slightly random — list of healthy hits. But registered dietitian Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, says they all have a secret superpower: the ability to keep you satisfied, in different ways.

Bazilian has extensively researched satiety, or what it means for the body to be full and satisfied. Some filling foods for weight loss, she tells The Post, “impact the chemistry of satiety through hormones and compounds that are released in response to those foods.” Others use “physical factors, like thickness and volume, to help stimulate stretch receptors in the stomach and give us the feeling of being satisfied.”

Excerpted from the NY Post

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