What Are the Golden Rules of Eating Healthy?

“Longevity” is the word on everyone’s lips these days. We all want to live not just longer lives but healthier ones, and one way we can do that is to look at what—and how—we eat.  We tapped Dr. Kien Vuu, founder of Vuu MD Performance and Longevity and author of Thrive State. “The number one ‘golden rule’ of healthy eating is to eat foods that are organic, whole, minimally processed, GMO-free, and do not contain additives or preservatives,” he says. 

But, like many things, this is easier said than done. So how can we actually implement this into our daily lives? Here are the rest of his golden rules of eating for longevity, along with actionable steps to take. It’s important to note that “there is no one-size-fits-all eating style. Everyone’s bodies are different and require different nutrient ratios, depending on their lifestyles and health goals,” Dr. Vuu says. “Try adapting your diet with a simple change to start, such as cutting out sugar or processed foods.” In other words, don’t feel like you have to take on all these changes at once. Slow and steady wins the race.

Feed Your Gut Bugs: Why it’s important: “Your gut microbiome affects your brain health, immune health, psychological well-being, and likelihood of getting a chronic disease,” Dr. Vuu says. “Eating a wide variety of foods and probiotic-rich foods is essential for gut health. Whole foods, particularly non-starchy vegetables and low-glycemic fruits, are foundational for optimal health. They offer a spectrum of nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, which are crucial for maintaining a balanced diet and preventing chronic diseases.”  

Excerpted from Poosh

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