What’s the Best Way to Stop Procrastinating?

Does this sound familiar? You sit down at your desk, ready to knock out a big project for work, only to check your emails, scroll through social media for 10 minutes, watch a video, and respond to a few unanswered text messages. If so, you might be one of the many people who struggle with procrastination. 

What Is Procrastination? Defined as the act of delaying or putting off tasks until the last minute, or all together, procrastination is normal and in fact, something everyone does to some extent. And it’s not necessarily unhealthy, says Jeff Temple, PhD, licensed psychologist at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Why We Procrastinate: “Sometimes we just need to put things off for our sanity or to let ideas marinade before we act,” he says. “And we procrastinate for a variety of reasons—some rather benign like you’d rather just be doing something more exciting, and others more nefarious like perfectionism, or fear of success or failure.”

Excerpted from Real Simple

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