What Happens When You Stop Taking Ozempic?

Is there such a thing as an “Ozempic withdrawal?” Whenever you stop taking a medication, you may experience certain side effects. This is also true with obesity drugs like Ozempic—stopping the medication will result in lowered levels of the drug’s active ingredients that work to stabilize blood sugar.

Ozempic withdrawal refers to the symptoms experienced in this after-period. These effects include blood sugar changes and the potential for regaining weight that might’ve been lost while on the medication. “With the changes of active ingredient levels, you will likely feel the changes of the blood sugar as well which can affect the way you feel about cravings and have effects on your overall appetite,” Amy Lee, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Lindora Clinic with 30 locations across Southern California, told Health.

Not all experts use the term “Ozempic withdrawal” in any official capacity, but according to Frances Lee, NP, a nurse practitioner at the weight loss center at Rush University Medical Group, patients do experience changes when stopping these medications.

Excerpted from Health

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