Conquer Anxiety! (One Small Step at a Time)

“It’s like I’m trapped in this endless battle going on inside my head… Constant worries and fears and ‘What ifs?’ and I can’t escape… It’s like that movie ‘The Matrix’—no way out. I gotta find a way out! There must be a way out… “

Fortunately, you found your way to this way of escape. We’ll lead the way with simple, easy-to-manage techniques from solution-focused therapy and self-affirmation Thought Shifter Declarations. Repeat the “declarations” below out-loud several times a day as you put them into action. Or even better, you can record them on your phone and listen and relisten to speed up progress. So, let’s get started:

Step 1: Identify triggers and patterns. Anxiety is rooted in thoughts that are triggered by situations, events, or experiences that set off painful feelings. By pinpointing these triggering events, you’ll be able to figure out smart solutions to disarm those triggers.

Excerpted from Psychology Today

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