Try This Walking Plan to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss!

Last month, Start TODAY member Pamela Wampler shared her weight-loss story and it struck a huge nerve with the community. Many were inspired by her sobriety journey: Trading wine at the end of the day for a nightly walk helped her overcome a problem with alcohol, transform her health and lose 50 pounds in the process. The response to her story inspired this month’s workout plan. Following in Wampler’s footsteps, we encourage everyone to look at their end-of-the-day routine, identifying a habit that isn’t serving you and committing to walking instead.

We know that walking isn’t just great for physical health; psychologically, walking helps relieve stress and increase mindfulness, according to research. In fact, I encourage many of my weight-loss clients to add in a transition walk in the early evening to ease them from their work mode or daytime mode into their evening mode. The mental benefits alone can shift your outlook and make you feel more relaxed for the evening!

Pamela experienced this firsthand by turning her nightly happy hour into walking hour — even recruiting her husband to join her. Now it’s your turn! The workout plan for May not only includes a daily walk and strength training component, but really focuses on making your mental health a priority with weekly prompts and a printable journal.

Excerpted from Today

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