What Are the Benefits of Napping?

You stayed up too late binge-watching your new favorite show, and now you’re dragging. You could turn to a venti latte to put some spring in your step. But is there a better way? A good old-fashioned nap might be just what the sandman ordered.

“Napping can help you feel a little more energetic, alert and relaxed,” says psychologist and behavioral sleep disorder specialist Michelle Drerup, PsyD.

But not all siestas are created equal. Dr. Drerup explains how a daytime doze might help you — and how to design the perfect nap.

Are naps healthy? Naps have a lot going for them, Dr. Drerup says. For some people with sleep disorders, daytime naps might even be a scheduled part of your treatment plan. But healthy sleepers, too, can benefit from a midday snooze. What can a catnap do for you?

Excerpted from Cleveland Clinic

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