Can Intermittent Fasting Get Rid of Cramps?

For as long as I’ve had my period, I’ve always had the worst cramps. I got my period fairly early on, when I was 12 years old. On a pain scale from one to 10, it would be a nine or 10 every time. I remember lying on the couch in the fetal position, being in so much pain.

After the first day it would taper off and I’d have the rest of my period without an issue. Over-the-counter ibuprofen was the only thing that helped. I tried everything to alleviate the cramps, but the only thing that ever worked was reflexology. I started doing it as  a young teenager, but I ended up doing only six sessions because it was expensive. It got me thinking about how the body is connected and there are solutions other than ibuprofen.

Excerpted from Yahoo

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