Gluten-Free Diet Hurts More Than it Helps

A girl on my floor won’t eat pizza at Late Night with me. That’s right. Even after a long, rigorous day of studying she refuses the carbs that Late Night so easily provides.

It actually hurts my soul when my friend forgoes calories in favor of a salad because she is “gluten-free” for the purpose of a diet.

This new health food trend of giving up gluten to be more healthy is basically faking Celiac’s Disease — intolerance to the protein found in wheat, barely, rye and triticale — which is annoying and ignorant.

This health phenomenon is heightened here on campus, and as a freshman myself, I attribute following this food fashion to proving our moms wrong and keeping the expected extra dining hall weight off.

I am not frustrated with the mere 1 percent of Americans who do have Celiac, or those who have a sensitivity to gluten; rather, it is the people who are gluten free just because they want to be or because it is trendy.

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