An Apple a Day Keeps Obesity Away

What would you say if you learned that getting and staying thin and trim was as simple as adding an apple to your diet daily? Could it be true? According to research published in Food Chemistry, a publication dedicated to “the chemistry and biochemistry of foods,” it is.

A study conducted by Washington State University found that eating apples regularly may help the digestive tract of overweight people act the same as it does in lean people. Well, at least this is what they have found with mice, which leads them to believe that humans would enjoy the same positive results.

What makes apples so beneficial is the way in which they aid the body in creating healthy bacteria in the intestines. This keeps your digestive system functioning while concurrently regulating your blood sugar and appetite. Apples essentially lower your level of inflammation and also reduce your risk of certain obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and metabolic disorders.

So which apples are best? Granny Smiths appear to be number one when it comes to receiving these body-healthy advantages, mainly because their enzymes that help promote healthy bacteria growth aren’t broken down by the digestive process prior to reaching your intestines, as they are in other apple varieties such as Gala, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious.

Apples make great additions to your diet, whether you eat them as a snack, dice them up and put them on top of your salad, or warm them up in the microwave or oven with some cinnamon to give you that treasured apple pie experience. It doesn’t seem to matter how you eat them—it’s just important that you do!

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