5 Foods That Ruin a Man’s Sex Life

According to the men’s health website, Details.com, in a post widely reported in Business Insider, these five foods can contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED) and other sexual problems for men:

Salt: High sodium intake is a major contributing factor for high blood pressure which, according to a recent study out of Tulane University, can cause erectile dysfunction that cannot be treated with medication.

Soy: A study out of Harvard University has found that the bean’s estrogenic properties can contribute to erectile dysfunction by decreasing testosterone levels.

Canned Food: The recent focus on the harmful effects of BPA has caused many people to discard their plastic containers. But what many people do not know is that nearly every can has a plastic lining that contains BPA. Men who are exposed to high levels of BPA are four times as likely to report ED and seven times more likely to report problems with ejaculation than are men who are not exposed to high levels of BPA.

Trans Fats: A successful erection depends on an efficiently functioning heart and trans fats have a significant adverse impact on cardiovascular health.

Sugar: Research has shown that following a blood-sugar spike, testosterone levels can decline by as much as 25% which can cause ED.

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