Why Do People Snore?

Snoring can be an annoying habit. Whether it’s your roommate, your partner or a houseguest, it’s easy to wonder how this involuntary sound can be so loud. This behavior is not a new phenomenon. It has irked humanity for centuries, and objects such as leather muzzles, cannonballs sewn into soldiers’ uniforms and electrical shock machines have been used to try to prevent it, according to TED-Ed’s Alayna Vaughan. Vaughan explains that most people will snore at some point in their lives, but chronic snoring can actually be a sign of a larger medical problem.

Why do people snore? Snoring is simply noise caused by improper airflow during sleep, according to Yale Medicine. While we sleep, soft tissue in the respiratory tract relaxes, which narrows the airway, according to Vaughan. When the respiratory tract is narrower, the airflow must be stronger, which can cause our relaxed tissue to vibrate and make noise. Issues that potentially create blockage of the airway such as sinus infections, nasal polyps and tonsillitis can exacerbate snoring, according to Yale Medicine.

Excerpted from USA Today

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