Are Some Women Attracted to Overweight Men?

We have all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But how does it work? And does personal preference include preferred body type? This question is particularly significant in a day and age when we actively promote healthy eating habits over dangerous diets and remind ourselves that too thin is not in. But is the opposite true? 

Some people are attracted to others who are heavier than normal, assuming we can define normality. We first decide what type of weight charts to use, given that some seem to promote an impossible standard of fitness, and then we factor in the reality that cultural differences impact judgment as well, influencing personal preferences as well as societal standards. 

In terms of physical attraction at first glance, however, we may be firmly set in our preferences. A subjectively desirable body type might involve both what we see and what we are used to seeing.

Excerpted from Psychology Today

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