Can CBD Help Combat Obesity?

One way to categorize the fat in our bodies is by its color: white or brown. The vast majority of our body fat is white fat, also called white adipose tissue (WAT), which is the stored fat. Categorizing this fat a step further is visceral fat versus subcutaneous (under the skin) fat. Visceral fat is stored in the abdomen and around organs, such as the stomach, intestines, and liver.

Referred to as “active fat,” visceral fat is associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic disorder. White, visceral fat is the unhealthy fat that accumulates in obesity and the fat that you want to reduce in weight loss to improve health.  

On the other hand, brown fat, also referred to as brown adipose tissue (BAT), gets its color from iron-rich mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. When brown fat burns, a process called thermogenesis happens, which creates heat without shivering. Guess what else happens? Calories in the form of white fat are burned for energy. Not surprisingly, individuals at optimal weights have more brown fat than those who are overweight.

Excerpted from The Fresh Toast

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