Is There Anything Dangerous In Your Juice?

The consumer-advocacy organization Consumer Reports tested 45 fruit juices, including apple, grape and juice blends, and found that 21 of them had “concerning levels” of cadmium, arsenic and/or lead, according to a new report. Juice samples came from 24 national and private-label brands.

For instance, two Welch’s products contained levels of lead that exceed the standard for bottled water set by the Food and Drug Administration. And a sample of Trader Joe’s Fresh Pressed Apple Juice exceeded a 10 parts-per-billion threshold for arsenic that has been recommended as an allowable level.

“We know there are no safe levels of exposure to these heavy metals,” says Aparna Bole, a pediatrician in Cleveland who serves on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Council on Environmental Health. Bole says she agrees with the CR report’s call for the FDA to update its standards.

Excerpted from NPR

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