What’s the Best Type of Exercise for Longevity?

It isn’t exactly breaking news that exercise is good for you. Maybe you’ve even seen alarming headlines declaring that sitting is the new smoking. While there’s certainly no debate around the benefits of moving your body every day, did you know that exercising regularly can literally add years to your life? It’s true.

But it’s also true that some forms of exercise are hard on the body, making them difficult to do long term and into old age. For example, for some people, running puts too much pressure on their knees, which can lead to joint pain. Physical trainers have a front-row seat for the injuries that certain types of exercise can cause and how not working out at all can affect the body. They also see what types of exercise people can do well into old age. In fact, there’s one type of exercise that physical therapists say is so beneficial for the body that they recommend doing it every single day.

A path to longevity: If you want to prioritize an exercise that science has linked again and again to longevity, physical therapist and author Dr. Lex Gonzales says that there’s no better workout than walking.

Excerpted from Las Vegas Review-Journal

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