What Do Celebrity Trainers Want You to Know?

When you see your favorite actors looking fit on the red carpet, you might think their fitness level is unattainable for most regular folks — reserved only for those with opulent lifestyles and endless resources that seemingly add more hours to each day. But that’s not quite the reality. In fact, according to their trainers, most celebrities face many of the same issues as the rest of us when trying to prioritize wellness amid the responsibilities of daily life. To dispel the myths and provide practical advice anyone can use, I tapped five of my celebrity trainer friends to help share tips we wish everyone knew to improve their overall fitness.

Fitness is a balancing act for everyone: Like many people, celebrities also struggle with the demands of work and home-life schedules when trying to stay fit.

As a mobility and strength coach who works in professional sports, I can attest that even famous athletes, whose careers depend on their bodies, face the challenge of balancing family and fitness. When players return home after their seasons end, it’s not an easy task to maintain normal family life while trying to preserve their elite athlete physiques. These pros need to be strategic about the timing and efficiency of their workouts to avoid cutting into quality family time.

Excerpted from CNN

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