The Crazy Way Seltzer Water Could Actually Rot Your Teeth

Seltzer water, or sparkling water, may seem like a natural alternative to regular water or a healthy swap for diet and regular soda, but a new collection of findings shows that your drinking habit is going to wreak havoc on your teeth.

It all started when Atlantic writer, and bubbly water fan, Olga Khazan asked: Dentists: Please settle this one for me — is non-sugary, sparkling water (like La Croix) bad for your tooth enamel? Why or why not?

The fascinating question sparked immediate interest, and Khazan, who once drank a dozen cans of La Croix sparkling water in one day, discovered the awful truth about the popular beverage.

First, for the good news.

“Unless they’re flavored with citric or other acids, seltzers tend to have more neutral pH values than soft drinks like Coke,” Khazan writes. “While bottled flat water has a pH of about 7—or totally neutral—that of Perrier is about 5.5.”

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