15 Low Cost Cleaning DIY Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

Cleaning is one of my favorite chores albeit time-consuming.  Personally, cleaning keeps me sane.  I have a feeling of accomplishment after seeing a spotless kitchen top or dust-free cupboards.  But, I know how it feels to be limited with time, especially, if you are cramming for something more important.  Also, the cleaning materials cost a grip and hard to use! That’s why sometimes, people resort to getting reliable and fast house cleaning services, as an alternative.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with booking house cleaning services, it is always better to know some of these insanely clever cleaning hacks to save you some money and time.

So, I gathered 15 of the most cost-effective and insanely clever cleaning hacks that will change your perception in cleaning forever!

1. Use bread as broken glass catcher

Save yourself from getting cut by these tiny parts of a broken glass.  Get a piece of bread (preferably white loaf) and damp it on the area and you’d be surprised that even the tiniest pieces were caught. Honestly, I didn’t foresee that bread could be used for broken glasses. Did you? (Source)

2. Onion Grill Cleaner

We just love throwing BBQs with our friends, don’t we? But, the aftermath is always tiring – scraping the residue off the grill!  Save your time and energy by grabbing an onion and use it to clean the grate and it will also leave some flavor to your next BBQ session. Sounds clever, hey! (Source)

3. Vodka to clean your mattress

You read it right, vodka to clean your mattresses.  Mix any of your preferred essential oil and vodka in a spray bottle.  Spray lightly on your mattress and leave it to air-dry.  The alcohol present in Vodka is the key to combat the odor causing bacteria. (Source)

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