Could AI Be Harmful to Your Health?

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, its application in business sectors is increasingly scrutinized. This is especially true in the health care industry, where AI is being used in a variety of ways to help the sick. 

Many people can now receive AI-generated health feedback with tools like ChatGPT, proving “useful to learn about certain conditions or symptoms,” VeryWell Health reported. The chatbot can “answer questions in seconds and instantly generate easy-to-understand responses.” Clinical applications for AI are also being explored in doctors’ offices and hospitals. In 2022, the FDA approved 91 AI or machine-learning medical devices for widespread usage. 

However, controversy has been brewing over artificial intelligence’s purpose in the medical field and whether it does more harm than good. As with many implementations of AI, its use in medicine hasn’t been without problems, leading some to question whether treating diseases is one area that should be left to humans. 

Excerpted from The Week

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