What Are the Best Prebiotic Foods for Weight Loss?

As scientists learn more about the gut microbiome, the research increasingly suggests that having high levels of “good” gut bacteria can have a major impact on your broader health. Prebiotics and probiotics, which you can get from dietary sources or supplements, can help you do just that. It has long been understood that gut-boosting bacteria can help regulate digestion, improve the immune system, and more. Now, new research indicates that prebiotic foods could also have a positive effect on weight loss.

“The relationship between gut microbiota and obesity has recently been an important subject for research as the gut microbiota is thought to affect body homeostasis, including body weight and composition,” explains a 2024 studypublished in the journal Nature.

The researchers behind that study note that the gut microbiota influences “fat storage, insulin resistance, and weight gain” by controlling “energy balance, hunger, and satiety via gut peptide signaling, through hormonal effects in the blood, or by directly regulating the nervous system.”

Excerpted from Best Life

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