Can You Change Your Life in 20 Minutes a Day?

A while ago, I wrote a Fitness Corner column about weeding. Appropriately titled “Wisdom from weeds”, it detailed how much wisdom came from having to weed my own yard. Weeding is something I have always loathed to my very core! Strong words, but very true for me, because there are few things I dislike as much as weeding. However, it reminded me back then that we can learn a lot from unpleasant but necessary tasks in this life, if we’re open to it. Also, because this is life, it is a lesson I am continually learning.

In fact, although I managed to successfully weed my yard back then, I have still preferred to avoid weeding as much as possible, whenever possible. Ugh! Until last year, out of necessity, when I had to take a much larger role (again) in caring for my yard. I couldn’t have imagined that a year later, not only do I not hate weeding any longer, I’m actually beginning to embrace it!

How could this possibly happen? In my previous column, describing the wisdom of which I had found myself reminded, I wrote: “Doing a little bit more frequently. This makes it way less overwhelming. About 15-30 minutes a day is totally doable vs. an eight-hour day (will not happen!)”

Excerpted from MLT News

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