Looking For an Exceptional Scale?

For many people, scales are something we step on once a year at a doctor’s appointment, otherwise enjoying blissful ignorance regarding our weight and its fluctuations. But a scale—especially a smart scale—is a great way to keep track of your health and fitness within the comfort of your home. Whether you’re trying to lose weighttraining for a marathon, or just want to better manage your health, a scale can help give you useful information about your body beyond just weight, calculating factors like bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, and more. 

When looking for a scale, it can be difficult to parse out which one has the features that will make it the right choice for you. To help you choose, we’ve picked out some of the best bathroom scales on the market. Look below for buying advice and in-depth specs on each product.

How to Choose a Scale: When looking for a scale, there are a few key features that you’ll want to consider. The most important is whether you want a smart scale or a digital one. Smart scales will give you your weight as well as stats like body fat, muscle mass, and body water percentage, which can help give you a more well-rounded understanding of your health and body composition.

Excerpted from Runner’s World

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