5 Starches That Help You Lose Weight

Any product that is based on refined white flour falls into the category of “bad” carbohydrates. White bread, white rice, refined flour pasta, pastries and processed snacks increase the blood sugar levels, leading to gaining weight and encouraging the occurrence of inflammatory reactions in the body that underlie many serious diseases.

On the other hand, there are the “good” carbs, like whole grains, vegetables and starchy vegetables that are beneficial for the body, do not fatten and protect against serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

What is the difference between “good” and “bad” carbohydrates (white refined)?

According to nutritionists, refined carbohydrates are digested in the upper digestive tract or small intestine, where they are converted to glucose, generating a plus of energy, and inflammatory reactions and fat storage in the body. On the other hand, “good” carbohydrates pass through the small intestine and reach the colon, causing a slow digestion, the increase of energy and a better absorption of nutrients.

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