Want Better Sleep? Try Fasting!

Fasting for 14 hours a day can increase energy and improve mood, a study revealed on Tuesday. Scientists at King’s College London found that eating during a ten-hour window could have major health benefits, including better sleep and decreased hunger.

Intermittent fasting is already a popular weight loss regime, but there has been a lack of research demonstrating that it is more effective than traditional dieting. The King’s study is the largest trial to date to show that the method can have a positive health impact that extends beyond weight loss.

Advocates of intermittent fasting recommend limiting your daily eating window to ten hours and then fasting for the remaining 14 hours. For example, if you eat your first bite at 9am, you must eat your last bite by 7pm. Researchers monitored more than 37,500 people for three weeks using the ZOE Health app. Participants were asked to eat as normal for the first week and then shift to a ten-hour eating window for two weeks.

Excerpted from Yahoo! Life

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