Is Fruit Bad for Weight Loss?

In a world flooded with misinformation about diet and weight loss, figuring out which foods to eat and which to avoid can feel like a never-ending maze. One minute, you may read a social media post that encourages you to cut out all fruits to lose weight. Then you come across a podcast that praises some fruits for their nutritional benefits but demonizes others.

Amid all this confusion, it’s crucial to focus on balanced, evidence-based guidance promoting sustainable habits for long-term health and weight management. Fortunately, we’ve reached out to the nutrition experts—registered dietitians—to dispel the myths surrounding fruit intake and weight loss. We’ve also compiled a list of six “bad” fruits you should be including in your diet to encourage healthful weight loss.

Is Fruit Bad for Weight Loss? Let’s set the record straight: whole, fresh fruit that contains natural sugar is not bad for weight loss.1 When it comes to managing weight and overall health, the key is to limit added sugar to 28 grams per day without condemning the natural sugars in fruits. After all, judging fruit based solely on its sugar content oversimplifies its full nutritional value. In reality, fruit offers much more than just simple carbohydrates.

Excerpted from Eating Well

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