What’s the Secret to Eating Healthy All Week?

It’s one of those long days, and your stomach growls as you scan your fridge. It seems overwhelming and a little stressful to cook, especially on the fly. So you order in. Again. My job is to help ease your way into regularly making stress-free dinners. The payoff is big, because cooking from scratch is always more economical and healthier than takeout — and it can be almost as easy. 

Wash and cut any vegetables for the coming week: Wherever you do your shopping, the drill is the same: Wash all the salad and other greens (spinach, kale, chard, etc.), spin dry, roll them into clean dish towels and store them (with the towel) in plastic or produce bags in the fridge. 

They’ll last at least a week, so you can turn them into salads with dressings you have on hand. The hardy greens can go into a skillet with garlic, ginger and chili for a quick cook, adding chopped chicken or tofu to make a stir-fry. Simply season to taste with soy sauce and sesame oil. 

Excerpted from the Seattle Times

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