What Are the Best Foods to Stock Up On Right Now?

June marks the official beginning of summer, and with that, an abundance of fresh produce is hitting store shelves. If you have a green thumb, you may reap the benefits of the seasonal produce in your own garden, but for those who (like me) can barely keep their house plants alive, farmers’ markets and grocery stores are your go-to. Wherever you get these summer staples, just remember they are a great way to increase the nutrient density of your diet while putting delicious meals on the table in no time. Here are five dietitian favorites to stock up on in June. And while most are produce picks, one may surprise you.

1. Artichokes: One of the highest-fiber foods out there, artichokes pop into season this month and are a wonderful addition to a meal. Eat an artichoke as an appetizer and you’ll add 7 grams of filling fiber before you’ve even had your meal. U.S. Department of Agriculture. FoodData Central. Artichokes, (globe or french), cooked, boiled, drained, without salt. One medium artichoke contains just 60 calories and packs 3.5 grams of protein, in addition to potassium, an important electrolyte for regulating fluid balance in the body.

Culinary dietitian and author Wendy Jo Peterson, M.S., RDN, is a fan of artichokes and encourages people to add more to their diet. “Don’t let the prep work scare you,” she says. For an easy guide to steaming, grilling and even microwaving, read this simple guide on How to Cook Artichokes. Then, check out these 18 Artichoke Recipes You’ll Want to Make Forever for even more delicious inspiration.

Excerpted from Eating Well

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