Want to Sleep Like a Millionaire?

Sweet dreams are made of these five things, according to a millionaire. Peter Diamandis, 63, a longevity investor and the founder of XPrize, a nonprofit that holds competitions to inspire people to make technological breakthroughs for the good of humanity, believes sleep is essential for overall well-being.

Diamandis, the author of “Longevity: Your Practical Playbook on Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Mindset, Medications, and Not Dying from Something Stupid,” shared with Business Insider his top five tips for getting a great night of sleep.

Invest in an Oura ring: If you like sleep, you should put a ring on it. The $300 Oura ring, which resembles a wedding band, calculates people’s movement, temperature and heart rate throughout the day and also tracks how well they sleep. “The Oura ring doesn’t help me sleep better,” Diamandis, an early investor in the company, told Business Insider.  

Excerpted from the New York Post

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