Want to Live Longer? Do This!

It’s a standard goal: live as long as you can and get the most out of your life while living it. Although this ambition is shared amongst basically everyone in the human race, there are several factors that come into play when aiming to increase longevity. For instance, good relationships can lengthen our lives. Flossing has more of a longevity impact than one might think. Taking vitamin D is key for those over 50 who want to live their longest possible lives.

While many longevity habits are done out of a “this is healthy for me, so I have to do it” mentality, there are some life-lengthening practices that are actually pleasurable, even fun, to do. Ahead, we’ll reveal an enjoyable type of activity that, according to studies, could help you live up to 10 years longer.

As CNN recently reported, art experiences, even if you’re not creating and you’re only admiring, can increase longevity. It’s something that’s been proven through scientific research, which has discovered that art activities can literally change the wiring of our brains, resulting in feel-good chemicals that can improve our general outlooks and emotional well-being, things that can aid in adding years to our lives.

Excerpted from Parade

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