Not a Huge Fan of Water? Try These Foods!

It’s important to prioritize drinking water every day, especially as summer approaches. But water on its own isn’t enough; you need electrolytes in your diet, especially if you spend a lot of time in the heat. Electrolytes are found in sports drinks, supplements and certain foods to keep you hydrated and replenish any minerals lost through sweat. 

Many foods are hydrating, in season and full of electrolytes and nutrients, that will help quench your thirst while keeping you healthy. We spoke with an expert to narrow down which foods you should keep stocked in your fridge and the key hydration benefits they provide. Here’s which hydrating foods are best to have you ready to take on the heat. 

How to tell if you’re hydrated: Hydration needs vary based on your size, activity level and how much you sweat. Gabriela Barreto, a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist says there are two indicators of hydration level: your thirst and the color of your urine. “Drinking to thirst can be appropriate for most individuals to maintain their hydration levels and as for urine, you’re looking for a pale yellow color,” says Barreto. She says the only times you shouldn’t be concerned about the color of your urine are during your first pee of the morning because it tends to be dark, or if you are taking vitamin B supplements, which make urine more likely to appear bright yellow. 

Excerpted from CNET

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