Can You Stand Up Without Using Your Hands?

Most of us would love to find the fountain of youth. Anything we can do to live longer. In this Verify we look into one simple movement that could determine your life span. This Verify was sent in by KENS5 viewer Melinda Gould after she saw a video on Facebook.

THE QUESTION: Can your ability to get up and down off of the floor without using your hands be a predictor of longevity? THE ANSWER: TRUE

This is based on a 2012 study published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology. They looked at 2,000 adults ages 51 to 80. That movement was scored zero to five. What they found actually was the people six years later that passed away actually had the lowest sit sitting rising test score. Dr. McAllister says that claim has some weight to it, but you need to consider other health issues too. “You need to look at the age of the person, the body mass index. Have you had kind of trauma or chronic conditions, hip or back pain, because those all make a major difference when you have to get up from a sitting position,” McAllister said. 

Excerpted from Kens5

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