Are These Foods Sabotaging Your Goals?

She’s no friend of store-bought blends. Premade smoothies and cocktails, as well as frozen dinners, should be avoided if you’re trying to shed pounds, a Georgia women’s weight-loss coach claims. “These foods I’m seeing eaten in excess, not moderation, which can make weight loss really difficult,” Jenna Rizzo said in a Monday TikTok that has garnered more than 28,200 views.

The American Heart Association recommends consuming 4½ cups of fruit every day — but Rizzo says store-bought smoothies and açaí bowls aren’t the way to go. “They are going to be loaded with a bunch of added sugars, and the fruits and vegetables they use are often just a powder, so you’re not even eating real food,” Rizzo said. “So that’s why I say, just make these things at home,” she continued. “You’re going to be using real food, and you’re not going to be adding a cup of sugar to them.”

Frozen foods: “These foods are very calorie-dense, so that means you’re only getting a little bit of food for a lot of … calories,” Rizzo explained. “So this can make portion control really hard, because you don’t want just a little, tiny slice of pizza, you want three [or] four.”

Excerpted from the New York Post

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