Can Exercise Slow Down the Aging Process?

We’ve all heard that exercise is good for us, but do we really understand the benefits that can come from regularly breaking a sweat? Although we must get older (think of the alternative), we can escape from the usual decline associated with aging. We have control over how “successfully” we age. Once we accept that, we can look at the best ways to age well. At the top of the list is exercise.

Social media constantly bombards us with articles and posts about how celebrities seem to be looking younger every day. A common theme among stories about ageless celebrities is that they stay active…and not just Millennials. I saw a photo of Helen Mirren in a bikini… fantastic. Exercise is one of the essential secrets to aging well. It can even delay the aging process itself, say many geroscientists. They should because they are the folks that study how we age.

And yet, approximately 50% of Americans, according to surveys, claim that they do not ever exercise. How can that be? Read on and discover the surprising answer.

Excerpted from Longevity

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