What Kind of Benefits Can I Expect From Fasting?

Fasting is a practice that has endured centuries. It is one of the most ancient traditions in human history. Greek physician Hippocrates recommended abstaining from food or drink for his patients as early as 400 BCE. Practiced by many cultures and religions, our modern day is beginning to see fasting appear in research more and more often. Fasting is defined as abstinence from consuming food and/or beverages for a period of time.

Recently, fasting has been studied as a lifestyle management strategy to benefit chronic, non-infectious diseases. Currently, 66 percent of the American population is diagnosed as prediabetic or diabetic and overweight or obese.

These numbers are startling. We have seen its effect on those that have contracted COVID-19 resulting in longer recovery time or even more fatalities. Because diabetes is a blood sugar dysregulation condition that results in vascular disease, other comorbidities usually follow such as kidney and cardiovascular disease.

Excerpted from The Leader News

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