Who is the Latest Celebrity to Practice Intermittent Fasting?

Any guesses how old Jennifer Aniston is? None? This timeless beauty is 51 years old this year! Shocker, right? After all, Jennifer Aniston has the body of a 30-something, especially with her lean silhouette and toned arms.

So what exactly is Jennifer Aniston’s secret to keeping fit throughout the years? Simple – intermittent fasting. The Friends actor has detailed that if there’s one thing that worked for her during her weight loss journey, it was intermittent fasting or I.F.

There are various I.F. programs, but it’s the 16:8 fast that this A-lister swears by. So instead of having breakfast in the morning, she opts for some celery juice and a workout. She also shared that planks are her go-to for maintaining her chiseled abs. Apart from that, she also loves the classic sit-ups and V-ups as part of her core regimen.

Excerpted from Newsweek

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