What Conditions Can Be Improved By Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is gaining pace, making its mark in a saturated field where traditional dieting, calorie-restriction, ketone diets, sugar and wheat avoidance, and exercising are common terms. But does it hold to its promise, or is it a mirage on the healthy-living road?

Despite the absence of specific information on the number of people adopting intermittent fasting, widespread media and internet coverage of it suggest its growing popularity. It is also the most researched form of fasting, with studies done to investigate its weight-loss and other health benefits.

A 2017 study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that alternate-day fasting does not give better weight loss or weight maintenance results than that of a continuous calorie restriction diet. This agrees with other studies published in the International Journal of Obesity that the 5:2 diet pattern is as effective as daily calorie restriction diets.

Excerpted from The Standard Health

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