Are You Getting the Most Out of Walking?

Walking is an excellent aerobic activity with numerous health benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness, improved circulation, reduced risk for chronic diseases, and noticeable boosts in your mental health.

While walking may not always burn as many calories as higher-intensity workouts, it carries low risk and is a great way to get active if you struggle with physical activity. Here are a few tips and strategies to make the most out of your walking workout and increase its effectiveness. Use these tips to stay focused, turn up the intensity, and feel better after your workout.

  • Use Your Arms: Pumping your arms can help you tone them, walk faster, and burn more calories. Keep your arms close to your body to control your movement and avoid strain on your back and shoulders. You can also add hand weights to increase your walking intensity.
  • Make a Walking Playlist: Grab some earphones and fill up your playlist with upbeat and energetic tunes that will motivate you to keep walking. Music can also alleviate boredom and help you stay focused. Plus, tunes are fun!

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