Is Intermittent Fasting Safe for Pregnant Women?

Intermittent fasting can be a complicated process to follow! It requires you to fast for long hours, but the intended benefits include weight loss, increased energy, and improved mental clarity. While many people had all great things to say about intermittent fasting, many people had conflicting opinions on whether intermittent fasting is safe for women. Many experts argue that fasting can lead to hormonal disruptions and lead to mood swings and also infertility. Here’s what you need to know.

Intermittent fasting can put stress on your body, but if you are managing your stress levels well, it can prompt a positive, healthy change in your body. However, your body may not be able to handle any additional stressors if you are over-stressed. That said, there is not enough scientific evidence to make definitive conclusions yet. What we know for sure is that pregnant or breastfeeding women, underweight women, those with a history of eating disorders, women dealing with chronic stress, and those with medical issues should not fast.

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