Is It Possible to Fast & Eat At the Same Time?

As modern lifestyles and high calorie diets drive the UK’s obesity levels up, researchers from the University of Warwick have found how cells respond to fasting and activate the process called autophagy, which means a healthier lifestyle can be promoted to help people maintain a healthy body weight.

The UK has the highest level of obesity in Western Europe, with its levels having more than trebled in the last 30 years, it is estimated that more than half of the population could be obese by 2050 in UK. Obesity is a significant risk factor for increased morbidity and mortality. The cause of the rapid rise in obesity has been blamed on modern lifestyles, including high-calorie diet. 

Fasting, has been a trend in recent years to maintain a healthy weight, the body responds to fasting using autophagy, a cellular self-recycling process. The proteins required for autophagy to work during fasting have been identified by researchers from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick. Understanding how the proteins work means researchers can activate autophagic pathways to help people maintain a normal body weight.

Excerpted from Laboratory News

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