Do You Need a Detox?

Throughout life, we accumulate tons of toxins. Like a sponge, our body absorbs the good and bad things we stuff into it. Toxins come from food, drinks, and even the air we breathe. With no way to avoid it, what can we do? Detox your way to a happier, healthier body.

Signs You Need a Detox

Do you feel tired all the time? Difficulty concentrating or losing weight? These can all be signs you need to detox. Chronic fatigue will run you down and take the spark out of life. Most often it can be directly attributed to our lifestyle. We rely on quick meals and junk food for little spikes in dopamine. Our bodies tell us “Something’s wrong here”. If we just listen.

If you’ve never done a detox before, hear me now! You’ve been holding toxins in your body your entire life. Yes, your liver and kidney work overtime to eliminate them from your body. It’s not enough. Sometimes you need to help them out a bit. Give them a break with these 6 ways you can naturally detox your body today!

Excerpted from The Good Men Project

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