Can Fasting Promote Cell Regeneration?

MIT researchers discovered a couple of years ago that 24-hour fasting activates a metabolic change in mice, which makes your intestines improve your intestinal stem cells

The intestinal stem cells It is a small group of passive stem cells that are activated if necessary and have the power to generate all the cell types of the intestine, and as people age, this function begins to decrease, which can lead to a more inefficient stomach than Among other things, it makes us gain weight with age.

Intermittent fasting

The intestine has a high rate of cell regeneration due to the wear and tear it undergoes in the functions of degradation and absorption of nutrients and evacuation of unnecessary remains. Roughly, the entire cell population is renewed once a week. That is why in the organ there is a large volume of stem cells in constant division that give rise to various cell types that make up the intestine.

Excerpted from Explica

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