Can Intermittent Fasting Prevent Diabetes and Cancer?

A new study published in Nature Proteomics shows that engaging in intermittent fasting has been linked to lower cancer rates and better regulation of lipid and glucose metabolism in both mice and human study participants.  This evidencedemonstrates that the diet plan is much more than another fad vastly promoted on the internet.  It has some solid health benefits to back it up.

The research examined circadian biology, the study of the body’s circadian clocks, otherwise known as its natural biological response to day and night.  The research contends, “a disruption of the rhythmic nature of circadian clocks, particularly the hepatic clock, can lead to cancer and metabolic syndrome.”  This is the same biological response for individuals who have underlying health conditions such as diabetes or are obese.  However, the study showed the response is not exclusive to these populations – it is the same for healthy individuals as well.

Excerpted from Legal Reader

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